A Perfect Day, Unless you Happen to be a Chicken
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


Jenny Moxham

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Today is glorious, sparkling, blue-skied, flower-filled Spring-like day.

Absolutely perfect! ....unless you happen to be a chicken, that is.

For millions of these unfortunate birds it may just as well be the darkest day of winter, because inside their stinking, windowless, warehouses ...one farm alone being built near Melbourne will house1.3 million ...every day is grim, dark and gloomy.

Each day is like an eternity of suffering as a result of de-beaking, feather-pecking, swollen joints, lack of exercise, crippled limbs, hockburn and respiratory problems due to the ammonia laden air.

How can humans' justify condemning these innofensive little beings to a life of total misery and pain for nothing more than the pleasure of eating chicken flesh or eggs?

One reason I've been given is that 'they're not human', but this hardly justifies such inhumane treatment of intelligent and sensitive fellow-creatures. Chickens desire happiness just as much as we do and, as fellow Earthlings, they have the right to it and a right to enjoy their beautiful world. As it is, most chickens die without ever having been permitted to know that a world of colour and beauty even exists. They die without ever having experienced comfort, joy or kindness.

These cruel farms exist and thrive for one reason only ... they receive money from the consumer.

Each time you buy chicken flesh or eggs you are saying, 'I am happy for chickens to be treated this way. Please use my money to continue treating them in this inhumane fashion.'

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