UNCAGED forces Avon to retract fraudulent cruelty-free claims
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February 2012

[Ed. Note: Also read Animal testing in China: PETA removes Avon, Estee Lauder and Mary Kay from cruelty-free list.]

Another Uncaged complaint has forced global cosmetics firm Avon to withdraw false claims that they don't test on animals. Uncaged had written to the Advertising Standards Authority in protest at a deceptive statement on Avon's UK website that told consumers:

Avon does not test products or ingredients on animals, nor do we request others to do so on our behalf.

Uncaged, one of the UK's leading experts on animal experimentation, informed the ASA that this statement was untrue. On the contrary, Avon themselves have admitted in correspondence and on their global website that they carry out toxicity testing on animals.

Avon explain that their refusal to stop animal testing is due to their desire to be able to incorporate new chemicals into their products, as they believe innovation will maximise their profits.

Uncaged's victory for truth and decency follows their similar successful complaint against Procter & Gamble last year over deceptive claims regarding their Herbal Essences brand. Uncaged point out that misleading animal testing claims are endemic in the multi-national consumer goods industry, and are calling upon the Government to take action to defend consumers and tackle unnecessary cruelty to animals.

Dr Dan Lyons, Uncaged's Campaigns Director comments:

Sadly, these large animal testing companies appear to have a policy of systematically misleading consumers rather than responding to their overwhelming opposition to gratuitous cruelty to animals. Given that a large majority of people are opposed to these tests, we believe that we are witnessing a multimillion pound fraud as consumers purchase products on the basis of deceptive claims about their provenance.

Furthermore, lobbying by the cosmetics industry appears to have forced the EU to break a popular promise to ban animal-tested cosmetics from the European market. Therefore, the need for honest and accurate information to allow consumers to make informed decisions has never been greater. 

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