Saving the San Diego 10...Laboratory Beagles
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Beagle Freedom Project
May 2012

The Liberation

vivisection beagles rescue

On May 10th 2012, we at ARME's Beagle Freedom Project worked with another rescue to free 20 beagles from a laboratory in San Diego. We took 10 into our care.

These dogs are all males between the ages of 4 and 7 and have spent every waking hour inside of a cage and being tested on. They were not given any enrichment so they have no idea what toys are; the pads of their feet are still soft because they have never been walked. We believe they were being used in groups for different types of testing since they all behave extremely differently. Some are deathly fearful of humans while others are simply desperate for a kind touch.

The Reality

vivisection beagles rescue

As you can see from this photo, many of the beagles have had fresh surgeries on their sides and other areas of their bodies; many of the dogs are stitched, while others have large patches of hair missing, distended bellies, rotten teeth, difficulty breathing and seeing, and severe infections from various surgeries.

All of the beagles have tattoos in their ears, which is the only identity they have ever been known by...... until now.

What You Can Do

vivisection beagles rescue

Animal Testing is REAL and is HAPPENING every day ALL OVER THE WORLD. Our rescues do not yet even scratch the surface of how many animals, including dogs, are spending their lives suffering in laboratories. Here are ways you can help make a change for these animals:

  1.  Purchase only cruelty-free items.
  2.  Boycott companies that test on animals and voice your opinion.
  3.  Introduce a cruelty-free ordinance in your jurisdiction.
  4.  Foster or adopt a rescued lab dog. (See our website for adoptable dogs)
  5.  Spread the word! These companies HIDE what they do! Make sure everyone knows what goes on behind closed doors.
  6.  Donate. We are a non-profit and rely solely on your donations to continue our rescues as well as our educational campaiagns to END animal testing.

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