New Genocide Policy for Bears in Korea
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November 2013

New genocide policy for bears in Korea. Korean environment Minister an animal racist and judge jury and hangman when it comes to farmed bears.

See PDFs of press release in English and in Korean

Dear All, is dismayed at the actions likely to result from years of lobbying to abolish bear farming in Korea.

Now when finally the disgusting practice is being meaningfully challenged the Governments solution is to slaughter the bears being "freed".

This expedient approach is probably regarded as being humane by the Government and groups such as WSPA.

We should all ask the question how a country with the third largest financial reserves in the world should decide to punish with death the very bears who were being farmed directly as a result of their policies to encourage bear farming many years ago.

We should ask why a fraction of these reserves cannot be used to show these animals the respect they deserve and let then live out their days in peaceful reserves such as those established by Animals Asia in China and Vietnam.

This issue deserves attention of the international media and the Government and others who have agreed to the genocide policy now announced.

Please see attached press release and get it out there.

Thank you.

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