R.A.W. organised a Free Bird Treatment Camp from 13th to 15th Jan'08
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Submitted anonymously

Considering the large number of injured bird calls last year due to manjha (thread) used in kite flying, R.A.W organized a free bird treatment camp from 13th Jan to 15th Janí08 during the festival of Makar-Sakranti wherein people fly kites.

30 Revolutionaries were patrolling Jaipur city for three days to pick up injured birds. Also an awareness drive for two days prior to the camp was done in the local areas like johari bazaar, badi chaupar, chaura raasta, bapu bazaar, tripolia etc. where kites are flied the most. People were told about the consequences of the glass-coated manjha (thread), how serious injuries can the manjha inflict, what you could do when you see an injured bird , celebrate the festival ethically etc.

Over 170 birds were brought to the camp out of which 25 succumbed to their injuries, 40 are critical and under observation and rest are healing from their wounds and some were lucky to be released immediately. It just shows the large number of birds that must have died, injured, unattended in total. Maximum injury cases were of pigeons and also kites, crows, cuckoos, and owls were amongst others.

Every complaint proved how inhuman and cruel we have become - taking Kite-flying as a proud sport and giving the sky fliers death and lifetime pain. Below, some pictures have been uploaded which surely is a proof of how fatal the kite-flying festival is for the innocent birds who fly in the sky.

R.A.W. pleads to everyone around the globe who flies kites during maker-sakranti festival not to do so and urges to celebrate this festival in a more humane, ethical and social manner, hence contribute in making this world a better place for the entire animal race. 

Together we stand tall and loud to save the flaura and fauna of our Mother Nature. Be a Revolutionary!


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