Shared Blood = Shared Life
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Cheryl Greear
April 2999

Who are we (humans) to say that an animal has no feelings and therefore has no rights. Who are we to consider ourselves the "higher" species? Could we, the higher species, visually pick the red blood of an animal from that of our own if two pools of blood lay side by side?  I think not. It is then obvious that the red blood of life was given to all God's creatures.

Maybe you are wondering why I wrote this. I will tell you. As I was driving home last night, I had to straddle an animal in the road. It was a possum who had been hit by a car. It wasn't moving. As my headlights approached, I saw the reflection off of the eyes that gleamed back at me. Also, I saw fresh blood next to it...a trail of it. I thought to myself, how can anyone say an animal is less or feels no pain.  His blood is the same as mine. His blood is red. He bleeds like I do. If he did not bleed, he would not be full of life to begin with.  The "math" is so simple. I imagined myself lying next to the animal.  Then I imagined that the animal was carted away and only I remained. I have no doubt in my mind, that if only the blood from the animal and myself were to remain side by side, I could claim it as my own....................and only I would know the truth.

I pray that the world wake up and see what is so clearly evident.


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