Deer Saved From Cruel Bow Hunt In New York
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In Defense of Animals (IDA)
October 2010

When IDA learned that Teatown Lake Reservation, the largest non-profit nature preserve in Westchester County, New York was planning a deer bow hunt starting in November, we immediately mobilized our supporters to speak out. And, thanks to your response, we have great news to report. On October 21, 2010, we received word that the hunt was cancelled!

Bow hunting is an extremely cruel method for killing deer. For most of the deer, death takes at least several minutes, while they experience intense pain and fear - some stagger away and die days later from infection.

The Teatown victory comes on the heels of IDA's work to oppose a bow hunt in nearby Croton-on-Hudson, which called off their scheduled hunt. This followed a similar victory in another Westchester town: Hastings-on-Hudson cancelled plans to kill deer using the net and bolt method after IDA staff met with the town board about the cruelty of net and bolt, and the availability of immunocontraception to manage deer humanely.

How long will this deer suffer?

Isn't he proud? Hopefully one day he'll be an ex-hunter!

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