California bans the bullhook!
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Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
August 2016

bullhooks banned

SB 1062, the bill introduced by state senator Ricardo Lara to ban the use of cruel bullhooks on elephants, has been signed into law by Governor Brown.

Thank you to: Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Ricardo Lara, every Senator and Assemblymember who voted AYE, HSUS, the Oakland Zoo, Jennifer Fearing, Scott Sadler, CAZA, and every PAWS supporter and Californian who took action to pass this important elephant protection bill.

From Last Chance for Animals (LCA):

As of January 1, 2018, elephants in CA will no longer be beaten into submission with bullhooks (brutal weapons that resemble a fireplace poker). LCA applauds Gov. Brown for passing this important legislation but would like to see the ban go into effect ASAP so the bullhook is not used on elephants for another year and a half.

Watch video from Carson & Barnes 'elephant barn' - "Sink that hook into ‘em…when you hear that screaming, you know you got their attention!”

LCA's undercover video above, secretly recorded during a Carson & Barnes elephant training session, shows how bullhooks are used to inflict severe pain to coerce elephants into performing demeaning tricks out of fear. The CA bullhook ban is a clear sign of the times -- the public will no longer tolerate such cruelty to elephants.

With the truth about elephant abuse revealed, more and more people are demanding that the animals be removed from circuses, tourist attractions and traveling shows. Changes in public attitude are happening quickly, and lawmakers have no choice but to respond.

Despite this, we still have a long way to go in stopping cruelty to elephants and other animals in circuses, zoos and more. LCA will continue fighting to end the abuse of all animals for human entertainment.

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