Canada's crimes against seals
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The writer is host of the television show ''Animal Agenda."

April 2005

THANKS ARE due the compassionate Middleborough family who rescued ''Kelby," the wayward baby seal (''Young seal finds himself far inland," City & Region, March 30). Kelby was one of the lucky ones because he escaped the massive killing of so many other baby seals that took place on the ice floes of Newfoundland in March (''Thousands begin Canada seal hunt," Page A10, March 30).

In spite of a worldwide outcry, the Canadian government re--authorized the largest marine mammal hunt in history. This atrocity ends when a targeted 1 million pups are killed for their fur over three years.

Reports describe hakapiks (a large club with an iron head and curved five-inch spike) crushing the skulls of screaming pups as their mothers watch helplessly. Other babies are bludgeoned or shot, but their end is the same. Waves of blood now stain the once peaceful nursery that existed before the hunt.

Shame on Canada for its crimes against nature.

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