Celebrating Jody on Mother's Day
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


From Chimp Sanctuary NW
May 2013

We celebrate Jody's birthday on Mother's Day to honor and remember the nine children that she gave birth to during her years as a biomedical test subject and breeder. We cannot imagine what she endured giving birth to baby after baby, only to have each of them taken from her to be used as test subjects themselves.

Jody mothers day chimpanzee vivisection

Jody is a true survivor, and we will be sure to allow her a day for extra relaxation on Mother's Day.

Just yesterday, Jody created her own private sanctuary within the sanctuary by nesting in some bamboo that was planted in the greenhouse (watch the video on our blog). Big thanks to Provitro Biosciences for donating the bamboo that we used for decoration at Out of the Box [recent fundraiser] and for letting us bring it home to plant for the chimpanzees! 

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