We Need Consistency and Professionalism in the Animal Rights and Welfare Movements
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


Frank L. Hoffman

One of the problems we have noticed in the animal rights and welfare movements is that there is a lack of consistency in striving for the ultimate goal of abolition. We all too often compromise our position, and that sends the wrong message to the abusers.

We should stop trying to make non-animal things, look like animal things. Our food and our clothing shouldn’t look like we eat or wear animal. Every thing we do or say should convey the message that we are against animal cruelty.

In sports, for example, there are many individuals and teams and strong competition, but there is a consistency of always trying to raise the bar to achieve something better the next time. No one tries to be second. And every time someone breaks a record, they set the bar higher for someone else to break the former record.

We need to do the same thing in our movement.

Public opinion will change when we pull on their heartstrings in a polite and peaceful manner by making them aware of the atrocities that are going on every day. We want people to want to join us and not be afraid of getting into trouble or being associated with kooks. We need to be professional in every thing we do.

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