Essay on Culture Programming
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C. Sparkie
July 11, 1999

There are millions of hearts lulled fast asleep toward the pain and suffering of the animal kingdom. Cultural programming has made them this way so they can continue to consume them. There remains a perverse and twisted loyalty to the meat and dairy industries. Because animals are dumb, it is so very easy to rationalize our indifference and complicity with any exploitation of them. Self-serving ideas are handed down generation after generation, to keep the animal kingdom repressed in abject misery. The danger of moribund feelings is evident in the callousness we find in the hearts and minds of men toward the animal kingdom.

People who call themselves Christians shun all knowledge of the animal suffering they are personally responsible for with the animals they consume each day. This set of individuals insist God gave them ‘dominion' to pay someone to torture and butcher them. They are taught to believe this is a ‘Christian value' and acceptable in the eyes of Christ. Wake up, people!! This is a lie straight from the pits of Hell! How many born again Christians do you see hanging around down at the slaughterhouse waving at the pigs and cows and chickens as they are paraded to their deaths? You could be programmed if you think complicity in the torture and suffering of God's ‘other' creation is okay.

For a bunch of individuals to sit around a dinner table and feverishly tear an animal corpse apart, after the animal has experienced untold suffering and misery by intensive confinement it's entire life, to finally meet their doom at the hands of a sadistic butcher, is not a Christ-like attribute. Christ's nature is the opposite of this socially acceptable evil.

If it causes some pain to think about slaughter , and makes others feel guilty about their own personal animal consumption, this is an indication it is time to re-evaluate the Christian ‘values' you were raised with. Make sure your heart has not been seduced by the cruel spirit of culture.

Pray God helps you extend unconditional compassion that you feel so deeply toward people, to animals.  Why are Christians so hesitant to defend God's animal kingdom?   Perhaps they recognize their desire for flesh but don't recognize the subconscious guilt.  Since animals have no voice, it is so very easy to justify their slaughter because of addiction to their flesh.  Eating tortured, suffering animals and praising God at the same time is a slight contradiction.  Don't let cultural programming freeze your heart and mind toward loving all of God's creation.  Selfish desire to consume animal flesh has reconciled Christians to atrocities.

Look how far removed we are from their houses of slaughter and suffering.   Look how close our mouths are to the hamburger and steak; always a stone's throw away from salivating mouths.  Meat is prevalent in our thoughts, while slaughterhouses so sparse in our minds.  We wonder why our society is rapidly decaying.  Many people call themselves Christians, but it is evident they lack the true character of Christ.

In a natural quest to reject the notion of death, different cultures adopt different sets of death-denying world views. Most cultures act out unconscious fears about death and torture by meting it out to the animal kingdom. We rationalize and justify this heinous behavior toward animals by giving the behavior different names. It is all the same--animal abuse in one form or another.  We direct our sanitized violence toward the animal kingdom over and over again to appease our fears of death.  We blindly and faithfully repeat over and over again, "It is culture", "It is culture".

We live in a corrupt society and an evil world.  Whether someone calls themselves a Christian, Jew, or Muslim; in the end, you will know them by their fruits.


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