Dialogue, Not Dominance, Wins Over Dogs - And Saves Their Lives, Too
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SBH Clay
November 2005


Moore's Dialogue could be called an invention. It certainly is inventive! But more accurately, it is a discovery, a discovery of a communication method that has always existed between mother dog and pups but that required someone to translate it - into language both humans and dogs can understand. That someone is Judy Moore. 

Moore says that thousands of dogs are now students of Dialogue. Itís hard to know the exact number, since her method can be self-taught by those who dedicate themselves to studying her book and video. So far, she has sold over 3,000 books along with videos. A downloadable e-book edition is now available from her website www.helpyourdog.com. Often those who order the instruction materials lend them out to dog-owning friends. The canine basket cases she has taken into her home (crusader Moore wonít give up on a single one) and then adopted out to loving homes number more than 100. Over the years, Moore has permanently taken under her wing dogs that are especially far gone. All of them have been totally transformed under her tender loving care and tutelage.

A terrified Mexican street-rescue dog begins to learn, within minutes, to trust people.

In the past 34 years, Moore has taught continuously -- first at Wapiti Run, her Buena Vista, Colorado ranch, and now at her new headquarters for Dialogue Dog Training near Missoula, Montana. She has held many two-day training clinics throughout the U.S. In addition, she has traveled to the U.K. for command performances with clients and their pooches. Her book has found its way to every continent except Antarctica.  Recently, she sent a book and video (in DVD format) to Finland at a residentís request. 

Whenever she sends out her materials, she corresponds by e-mail to establish a personal relationship with each customer, letting them know that they should feel free to call or e-mail or fax her if they have questions or run into difficulties in developing Dialogue with their dogs. But while Moore is incredibly dedicated to teaching owners how to succeed at enabling their dogs to be happy, Dialogue does have its limits: it canít be taught to a dog over the phone!

Before I developed Dialogue with Lucius, I had already proved its worth by training Katie, a friend's scaredy-cat rescue dog. Katie was bossed around by a canine with more seniority in the family, and she was spoiled by her human mom. The result would be called ďdog aggression.Ē

After the first day, Katie picked up, in a general way, how to Dialogue. She not only responded instantly, she responded joyfully! From that day on, she never tried to lunge at another dog. And she barely barked at them -- a far cry from her previous long and loud vocal-chord gymnastics. In the ensuing weeks, she and I (and her owner) got the particulars of Dialogue down pat. 

It took Katie just a couple of months to turn into one of Judy Moore's success stories. I told our turnaround tale in one of Moore's quarterly e-newsletters. Thatís where the results of the many remarkable Dialogue interventions first appeared. They can now be read on www.helpyourdog.com. I'll recount a few true stories of dogs being saved, as shared by their grateful, proud and relieved owners. 

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