The Lady with the Mystery Claw in Her Spaghetti
An Animal Rights Article from


Gary Francione (Abolitionist Approach) on Free From Harm
October 2012

This is Tracy Arnold.

Ms. Arnold found what she claims is a manís toenail in the sauce that she prepared. She did not know whether it came from a jar of pasta sauce or from the minced beef that she added to the sauce. She thought at first that it was a piece of gristle, or cartilage, from a dead cow.

And then she realized it was a human nail.

That disgusted her.

The fact that she was eating decaying flesh did not disgust her.

The fact that she thought that there was a piece of cartilage from the dead cow in her sauce did not disgust her.

But she was disgusted about the human nail, which is also made of cartilage.

Think about that. 

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