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April 2017

On April 5, SHARK uploaded a disturbing video shot with one of our Angel drones, which documented beagles bred for research at Covance Research Products, in Cumberland, Virginia.

covance dog breeders
Overview of the Covance dog concentration camp

Although the video was just uploaded this morning, it has already been viewed more than 26,000 times! We expect that number will climb far higher, and people will see the cruel truth about Covance, and animal testing generally.

manure pools
These large pools of waste are for the legions of innocent animals imprisoned at the Covance breeding facility

Perhaps even more disturbing than the video, is the audio of the dogs crying. We will have more news about our efforts to expose companies like Covance and Marshall Farms soon.

Watch the video here - Drone Exposes Warehoused Research Beagles

covance dog barns
In the video, you can hear dogs in their cages, whose barking was constant

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