Trigger Happy Dog-Killing Cop No Longer with Bay Saint Louis Police Department
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FROM IDA In Defense of Animals
February 2019

We must continue to stand in solidarity to hold law enforcement accountable for actions which blatantly abuse their power.

dead Kodka
Former police officer and the dog he shot to death, Kodak.

Not long ago, we asked for your help to compel the Mayor of Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi and the city council to fire Officer David Wilder for the senseless murder of an innocent dog named Kodak.

Wilder and two other officers responded to a call requesting help in returning two German shepherds who had gotten out of their yard and were perceived to be in danger. When the officers arrived at the dogs’ home, Wilder caught the younger dog, Zeus and placed him in their squad car. The second dog, Kodak, retreated to his porch, prompting Wilder to make the disturbing statement, “The big one is going to get it.”

Wilder, clearly displaying his unstable mindset, began to taunt Kodak and stated, “One more time and I’m going to pop his ass.” Kodak then left the porch in a non-aggressive manner, and Officer Wilder responded by fatally shooting him and boasting, “See, I told you I don’t play.”

Wilder’s despicable act was captured on the chest cam footage which was turned into the Department and was also witnessed by neighbors who relayed the details to the dogs’ guardians when they rushed home.

To validate his vicious actions, Wilder claimed he pepper-sprayed Kodak before shooting him to depict Kodak as an aggressive and threatening animal. This claim was refuted by the veterinarian who examined Kodak’s body after the incident.

Wilder had a history of unacceptable behavior. In October 2017, the Sun Herald described an incident involving Wilder and an officer of the Gulfport Police Department. The two officers wrongfully held a family at gunpoint in a botched attempted arrest for the burglary of the family’s own home. Wilder and his accompanying officer trivialized and laughed at the mistake, knowing they had traumatized the family by their ignorant actions.

This previous event was a warning that Wilder was incapable of making safe and logical decisions on behalf of the community he was hired to protect. He continued to “serve” the public by unjustly killing Kodak to yet again fulfill his petty, twisted need to assert his sense of dominance. Tragically, Kodak could be alive today if the appropriate steps were taken to address Wilder’s incompetence earlier.

We want to thank our supporters for sending our letter to Mayor Mike Favre and the Bay Saint Louis City Council demanding the termination of David Wilder for his violent and cowardly actions. After months of requesting updates regarding Wilder’s employment status, a dispatcher confirmed that Wilder is no longer with the Bay Saint Louis Police Department.

We must continue to stand in solidarity to hold law enforcement accountable for actions which blatantly abuse the power granted to them when they vow to protect and serve all members of their communities.

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