Two more American Dog Tracks are Closing
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November 2015

Lily greyhound

As you read these words, two more American dog tracks are closing! That's right, with the shuttering of Gulf Greyhound Park of Texas, dog racing will finally be over in the Lone Star State. Meanwhile, the end of racing at Bluffs Run will leave just one remaining track in all of Iowa.

This alone is fantastic news, but looking deeper, these two closures have additional and fundamental significance for the American dog racing industry.

While the number of greyhounds bred for racing has gradually been reduced by two-thirds since 2001, both Texas and Iowa are veritable centers for breeding. As such, these new track closures should have a profound effect in shrinking the American market for greyhound cruelty.

Outside the United States, efforts to protect greyhounds are taking center stage in Australia, the United Kingdom and as far away as China. We are working with groups like Animals Australia, the League Against Cruel Sports and ANIMA Macau to push for an end to dog racing all around the world. Please "like" us on Facebook to receive all the good news as it happens.

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