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Grace Chapuis
October 2004

We took them from the wild and domesticated them.

Without their permission we invaded their territory and took them into our custody. We made them dependant on us by taking away their hunting skills and sense of survival.

We domesticated them. Are we aware of the incredible responsibility we have towards them? Feeding them and giving them shelter.

We have made slaves of them. We are guilty of mass-slaughter! We are disrespectful towards these gracious creatures of our planet. We have not yet managed to tame the wild ones from the jungles, and I thank all the gods for it. (Some exceptions like circuses have managed.) However, we have taken the liberty of abusing their more gentle natured cousins. With what right?

We inter-breed them, e.g. the cats and the dogs, to make them look as we want them to look. We are the cause of a weaker breed. Persian cats have great breathing difficulty. The Great Dane, has a weak spine and weak bones. Chickens have their beaks cut of.

Cats have their claws removed , so as not to destroy our precious furniture. How pompous man can be. Fortunately this abuse has been banned in many countries, but not all.

Dogs have their tails cut off, leaving them with stumps. Ears are clipped to make them stand up, because we think it looks more attractive. What arrogant, ignorant and unnecessary cruelty. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION FOR THIS!

We, the human race, carry an enormous responsibility towards millions of animals whom we have repaid with cruelty and slaughter, torment and fear. Yet they are still capable to love us, and protect us.

A minority of the human race do care and have respect and love for them, but our numbers are too small.

How can we make ‘the others’ see and recognize the pain and fearful torment they cause our gracious friends every single day. Friends they are, if we would only allow it! Billions of chickens are slaughtered. The figure is horrendous, and all in the name of economy and to fill the fat man’s belly.

Look into the eyes of any animal, a chicken, a pig, a cow, dog or cat, all species. Look deep into them, and then try to kill them. I wonder how many would succeed.

It will not change. They have been domesticated, and man will continue to do so, but to those who are aware of the injustice, I pay my tributes, and pray that more will wake up to the call of pain and fear, and help to make their world a better one, where they also deserve to live their life in the natural way, to allow the young to have the love of a mother, which so many are denied. (The chicks born in batteries)

I cry heavy tears for these creatures and feel so helpless. I give my respect to my own two feline friends and see what joy their company gives me, and how loving they are to me and to each other. I give respect to all my friends who share their lives with dogs and/or cats. The eyes of these creatures are bright and shining. Look at an abandoned animal. The eyes carry such a load of sadness and hardship. Look at an animal in the wild. They are peaceful and bright. Look at the animals in a zoo. They are sad and caged.

The excuses the humans give to justify the treatment, be it a zoo, a lab, the arena, a breeding farm, a circus, are embarrassing to hear.

We do not have the right!!!

Zoos are to show us what the animals look like.

Laboratories are for tests to our benefit

Arenas are to show man’s courage, and because its ‘our’ tradition.

Breeding farms are for our economy, our bellies.

Circuses dress them and train them to perform for our entertainment.


By law, we can not possess a living creature, but we are allowed to do with them what we like. How does that make sense?

I have given a home to two cats. I do not own them. They do not own me. We share our space and our time together with joy and contentment. They rely on me for food, but it is a privilege to do so. They reward me with a purr and a miaauw, which I believe means Thank you. They hug me with a purring cuddle. They look at me with wide eyes, with trusting eyes, and I care to believe, with loving eyes. It is so unconditional, and that is the beauty of it. They ask for nothing in return., except our respect, which they deserve, like all living creatures on this planet. Humans and animals alike.

My deepest prayer is ‘Humans, please respect the animals’. If you don’t like them, which is acceptable, then don’t use them either.

g.chapuis – ponte de lima – 2004

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