Ebola Crisis - Chimp Sanctuary Needs Your Help
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Shirley, McGreal, International Primate League (IPPL)
August 2014

I am sending this urgent message to you because I have great concern for our dear friends at the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone.

ebola chimp sanctuary Tacugama
Chimpanzees like this rescued orphan at the Tacugama sanctuary are also at risk from the Ebola virus

I have been in communication with Bala Amarasekaran, its founder. Bala tells me Sierra Leone is now in a state of emergency.

He writes: “Not only are we concerned about how the situation is going to develop in the future, we are also concerned about our financial situation, as our visitors to the sanctuary and our lodges have almost completely disappeared.”

The sanctuary offers tours 365 days a year, breakfast walks, and overnight accommodations in four lovely eco-lodges. Two are at tree canopy level. Fees for these visits are an important part of their income. Since the Ebola outbreak – now people have stopped coming!

This revenue is critical to care for the chimpanzees. Please send a donation – mark it "For Tacugama!" – to replace this lost income and help them through this very difficult time.

These rescued orphans are all victims of illegal trafficking and have suffered the trauma of watching their families being killed for the horrible bushmeat trade.

Chimpanzee Sanctuary covers 100 acres in the Western Area Peninsula Forest Reserve. Their primary objective is to enforce the wildlife laws in Sierra Leone and provide a safe and natural haven for rescued chimpanzees with the ultimate hope that at some time in the future they can be released back into the wild. Currently, there are over 100 chimpanzee orphans in their care.

ebola chimp sanctuary Tacugama
Bala with rescued chimps

Bala Amarasekaran, founder of Tacugama, has devoted his life to rescuing chimp orphans. Today, his sanctuary is in jeopardy as the Ebola crisis continues.

In 1985, Bala and his wife came across a weak baby chimpanzee tied to a tree in need of medical attention. From that day, rescuing chimpanzees became their life’s mission. After rescuing and rehabilitating countless chimpanzees, they are facing a major crisis and desperately need your help.

Tacugama urgently needs your donation and we will match every dollar you send!

In another email, Bala writes, “We are taking all precautionary measures to stay safe. Since the government has begun controlling the movement of vehicles, we are beginning to feel the shortage of fruits and vegetables.”

No one knows how long this crisis will continue; that is why we urgently request donations to help the Tacugama chimpanzees. We do not want to let our friends down and sincerely hope you will respond with a generous contribution today.


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