Some Good News For Elephants from PAWS, April 2014
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Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
April 2014

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) has suspended the import of sport-hunted African elephant trophies from Tanzania and Zimbabwe in 2014. The agency expressed concerns about the questionable management practices, lack of effective law enforcement and weak governance in these countries, which have led to a catastrophic decline of elephants. A USFWS press release stated: "Additional killing of elephants in these countries, even if legal, is not sustainable and is not currently supporting conservation efforts that contribute towards the recovery of the species." The agency will reevaluate the suspension for 2015, depending on proof that the situation for elephants has improved. 
U.S. Marines are headed to Chad (Central Africa) to fight rampant elephant poaching. Troops will be training local forces to prevent poaching, investigate incidents and pursue criminals in a country that has seen its elephant population plummet. A recent report by Born Free USA links the ivory trade to organized crime, government corruption, militants and terrorism - making the ivory trade an international concern.
Belgium is the latest nation to destroy its stockpile of illegal ivory,
joining the U.S., France, China, Chad, Philippines and other countries that have taken a stand against wildlife trafficking and the destruction of elephants for the ivory trade. Nearly 100 African elephants are lost each day to poachers.
Another Elephant Ride Canceled. According to our friends at the Center for Animal Protection and Education (CAPE), the Nevada County Fair in Grass Valley, Calif., will not be offering elephant rides this year! PAWS worked with CAPE and other local organizations to oppose the rides at last year's Fair, including testifying at public meetings and attracting media attention to this inherently inhumane and unsafe practice. The elephant rides sparked controversy and a large demonstration at the Fair, attracting more than 100 peaceful protestors. Even though we didn't stop the rides last year, our hard work paid off. A great team effort ensured that elephant rides will not return to the Nevada County Fair.

If elephant rides are offered in your area, PAWS is available to help you stop them. We can provide guidance for your campaign, assistance and expert testimony. Please contact Catherine Doyle, PAWS' Director of Science, Research and Advocacy, at [email protected].

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