New Effort Launched to End Dog Racing Worldwide
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October 2013


The time has finally come. GREY2K USA is now joining with organizations around the world to end dog racing on a global basis. That's right, we will now be GREY2K USA Worldwide!

Read today's press release.

On Saturday night, GREY2K USA supporters gathered in our new office to meet Joe Duckworth, CEO of the League Against Cruel Sports. Joe spoke about our collaboration to help greyhounds in the United Kingdom. Then Jeroen van Kernebeek, former campaign director for Animals Australia and now a member of the board of directors of GREY2K USA Worldwide gave a first person account of the situation Down Under. Guests also met representatives from organizations such as the Animal Legal Defense Fund, IFAW and HSUS, who came out to support our work.

As Carey Theil explained that night, the Grey2k Committee of Massachusetts expanded to become GREY2K USA when we realized dog racing was a national problem. Since our reformation in 2001, the greyhound racing industry has been cut in half; where there were nearly 50 American tracks at that time, today there remain just 21. Similarly, the business of dog track breeders has collapsed and the latest figures from the Association of Racing Commissioners International show a 67% decline in betting on dogs over the last decade. .

While we will continue to focus on ending dog racing in our own country, we have now realized that this cruelty knows no boundaries. The greyhounds in Ireland and Vietnam, Mexico and Macau, are crying out for help, just as the dogs in Florida and Texas. Greyhound racing was invented in California in 1919, so we feel a special responsibility to right this wrong, stop expansion of dog racing, and roll it back wherever it has started. Click here to see the sites of commercial dog racing around the globe.

On Sunday morning, the Metrowest Daily News offered an exclusive story on our new efforts and officially announced our new location in Arlington, Massachusetts. Read it here and see a gallery of photos showing our big office move in February.

As we begin this new phase of our work, we need your support now more than ever. Please make a donation to help with our re-launch and then check out our new GREY2K USA Worldwide gift bag. It includes a t-shirt, button, bumper sticker, tumbler and tote bag. These can be purchased separately or together for a special, celebratory price. Each carries our new logo and helps deliver the message that greyhound racing must end worldwide.

As the team to end dog racing grows, we promise to work even harder to make a difference for greyhounds. I hope you will join us in this new endeavor.

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