Puppy mill dogs will no longer be sold via Marketplace on Facebook
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March 2012

Facebook is a powerhouse networking site which reaches millions of users. In otherwords, it can be a retailer's dream.

But those in the market to sell puppies are now facing a bit of a nightmare (much to the delight of animal welfare advocates).

The ASPCA has just released the following news:

In response to concerns from the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), measures will be put in place to ensure that puppy mill dogs will no longer be sold via Marketplace on Facebook, an action the ASPCA believes will help combat the inhumane puppy mill industry.

This is a huge step for anyone who despises the "puppies for sale" ads that were frequently seen on Facebook.

Not to mention, this is a huge blow to those who rely on the massive audience on Facebook to sell their puppies.

As demand wanes, supply will follow suit.

ASPCA President and CEO Ed Sayres shared the following:

Removing an online platform for the cruel puppy mill industry sets a positive example of corporate citizenship and will help improve the lives of countless dogs.

Most consumers are unaware they are perpetuating animal cruelty by purchasing a puppy online, and given the visibility of Marketplace on Facebook, this move has the potential to raise critical awareness about unscrupulous online breeders.

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