Fire Destroys Part of Hog Confinement
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April 2009

Half of the 5,400 pigs were killed...

Authorities are trying to determine the cause of a fire near Littleton, Illinois in Schuyler County that destroyed part of the Timberline LLC Professional Swine Management Wednesday night.

Fire crews from several departments were called to the scene to battle the blaze and remained at the scene for hot spots.

KHQA spoke with Timberline veterinarian Dr. Hollis Thursday, who confirmed that two of four buildings that housed sows and piglets burned, killing about half of the 5,400 animals housed there.

This weekend the Department of Agriculture along with the Illinois EPA will be on hand to make sure the clean-up is done correctly and the animals are disposed of properly.

Hollis says safety for the remaining animals is top priority since electricity has been shut off to the remaining two buildings.

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