Measuring The Trauma Of Catch-And-Release
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FROM Lukas Jasiunas, Faunalytics
January 2019

Researchers find that catch-and-release angling causes decreased feeding performance in marine perches.

Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash

Fishing is a popular and lucrative sport around the world, but it can contribute to declining fish stocks. To maintain stable numbers of fishes in aquatic ecosystems, many countries have implemented catch-and-release fishing—a practice where fishes are caught and immediately released—to enable the continuation of recreational fishing.

In this study, a group of biologists set out to study marine shiner perches (Cymatogaster aggregata) by combining high-speed videography and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to determine the role of hook-induced injuries in the performance and hydrodynamics of suction feeding. In other words, while catch and release is meant to be a conservation-minded practice, does it have unintended negative consequences for fish?....

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Lukas Jasiunas is an active animal advocate and proponent of science. He is currently a PhD candidate in the field of Chemical Engineering—studying ways to replace petroleum products by making use of widely available residual biomass.

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