Five more schools abandon their dissection programs
An Animal Rights Article from


Save the Frogs
September 2012

Congratulations to these five schools, all who have agreed to give up their animal dissection programs for a minimum of five years in exchange for free Digital Frog 2.5 software:

  • Central Freshman Campus in San Angelo, TX
  • Druid Hills Academy in Charlotte, NC
  • Children’s University in Arlington, TX
  • Channing Hall in Draper, VT
  • William Wetsel Middle School in Madison, VA

So far 16 schools have taken us up on this offer. We have 9 free licenses remaining, so if your school is interested, please visit Save the Frogs/Dissections to learn how to take part.

Thanks to our partners, the Animal Welfare Institute and Digital Frog International, for making this possible.

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