Poisons In Fur
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org

From Four Paws December 2010

Fur is not only animal cruelty but can also be dangerous for humans: A study commissioned by FOUR PAWS reveals that fur fashion is contaminated with poisonous chemicals.

Is fur a "natural" product?

The cruel keeping conditions for fur-bearing animals are ignored by the fur industry, or described as appropriate. Fur from animals is often advertised as a particularly “ecological and valuable product”. FOUR PAWS has investigated a range of fur products and determined that these claims are not truthful.

Children’s clothing particularly poisonous

FOUR PAWS and EcoAid had a number of different fur products such as collars and scarves checked for poisonous traces by an independent specialist laboratory. The detailed “Poison Report” shows the alarming results: a majority of the mink, fox and raccoon dog furs are contaminated with dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde, NPE, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) or chlorinated paraffins. Legal restrictions and industrial standards are frequently exceeded. Children’s clothing turned out to be particularly poisonous.

You can download the test results here:

“Poisons in fur” – report summary (PDF) and Brief profile of discovered substances (PDF)

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