Giraffe Dies at L.A. Zoo
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July 2009

A giraffe that lived at the L.A. Zoo for more than 25 years has died, most likely due to complications giving birth, zoo officials said.

A giraffe born at the LA Zoo in April 2009. Photo from

Asali the 26 year old Masai giraffe had been in veterinary surgery to remove a stillborn calf from her. Though surgeons were able to extricate the calf, Asali died shortly afterward, said Zoo Director John Lewis Friday.

"The Los Angeles Zoo is saddened by the loss of Asali," said Lewis. "Over her many years here at the zoo, Asali was viewed by millions of visitors and over two generations of school children. For many who will never travel to Africa, Asali served as an ambassador to her wild cousins and provided our guests with the opportunity to marvel at the beauty and massive height of this species."

In 1983, when Asali was 1 year old, she was brought to the L.A. Zoo as one of the last wild-caught Masai giraffes to enter the United States.

During her life at the zoo, Asali successfully gave birth to 12 baby giraffes, many of which were sent to other zoos to support the North American herd of giraffes, according to zoo officials.

Five other giraffes remain at the L.A. Zoo, ranging in ages from four months to 23 years.

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