Good News from Center for Biological Diversity
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Center for Biological Diversity
July 2013

A few highlights of the Center’s achievements in 2012 included:

• Won an injunction to stop the killing of wolves in Oregon. Also, renowned biologist and attorney Amaroq Weiss has joined the Center as our California-based West Coast wolf organizer.

• Sped-up protection decisions for dozens of species. We won critical decisions under our 757 species agreement that sped protections for rare sandhill cranes, Miami blue butterflies, Barbour’s map turtles, coqui llanero frogs and dozens of other species struggling to survive in our forests, rivers, oceans and wetlands.

• 31.5 million acres of critical habitat secured. Our efforts resulted in the designation of protected habitat from Washington to Hawaii, including old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest for northern spotted owls, thousands of miles of California coastline for Pacific leatherback sea turtles, and southwestern riparian areas for native frogs.

• California anti-fracking legal battle won. Our legal victory in California, halting new fracking efforts on public lands, has emboldened anti-fracking activists across the nation.

• Over 50 Clean Air Cities resolutions passed. We convinced more than 50 city councils to adopt resolutions calling on the federal government to implement existing laws to stop climate change.   

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