Connecticut Gozzi Turkey Farm Protest
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Violet Firth as posted on UPC United Poultry Concerns
November 2018

This is the farm that dyes about 20 turkeys as a gimmick to attract patrons. The farm has been doing this for a very long time—like 50 or more years, and obviously a lot of people do not understand how disconnected and wrong it is, because it’s a huge attraction.

dyed turkeys

The poor turkeys are fed some kind of colored tablet to dye them—which is so disgusting. The colored turkeys are kept outside in a pen all day in all weathers from November 1st to Christmas as a commodity for people to gawk at, and then they are slaughtered! It’s awful that people come to admire the dyed turkeys, as they come to pick up killed turkeys in bags. It really is a grizzly display, including teaching children to disconnect entirely from these turkeys and all animals, distracting them from the realities that these “colorful” birds will be brutally killed and eaten.

I live in this town and started protesting Gozzi Farm 3 years ago each November, because I had to do something to let the public know how terrible this is—to try to educate people about not treating turkeys as objects for "entertainment" and that it is morally wrong to eat and use them. Our signs show this and promote veganism. A few of the signs I got from UPC and most of the others I painted last year. We had 14 protesters in all, including two children, this year. We also leafleted on the Guilford Green and handed the Vegan and turkey leaflets from UPC to people. We are doing another leafleting this weekend , as well as another protest the weekend before Thanksgiving.

I want to thank UPC for being a wonderful role model and spokesperson for chickens, turkeys and all birds, providing them sanctuary, as well as promoting veganism to a wide audience and providing such wonderful materials.

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