Grant County Horses Remain with Rescuers
An Animal Rights Article from


Animal Legal Defense Fund
December 2009

Suffering from severe neglect and starvation at a Grant County, Indiana farm, Casey, along with seven other horses, was rescued and brought to safety by the local humane society. It seemed that Casey's second chance at life had arrived; however, the nightmare for the abused horses was sadly far from over. In a shocking decision by the Court, all of the seized horses were ordered to be returned to Robert Collier - the very person who neglected them so terribly.

It was an almost unthinkable blow for these horribly traumatized horses. For an animal as large and majestic as a horse, starvation is a slow, agonizing process, causing constant pain and suffering. Often, their stomachs and intestines will twist in active colic, a state of terrible cramping causing inescapable and extreme pain, as well as severe psychological distress.

Thanks to the generosity of committed supporters like you, the Animal Legal Defense Fund went to court and fought an aggressive battle for the severely neglected horses. In a great victory, the Court reversed its order and allowed Casey and the other horses to stay in the custody of the United States Equine Rescue League (USERL), the non-profit organization that has been caring for them since their seizure.

"We were very surprised and upset when we received a judge's order this past summer stating that the horses were to be returned to Robert Collier. That is when I asked for ALDF's help, as the volunteers of USERL could not bear the thought of these gentle souls being returned to their former life of abuse and neglect. Were it not for the quick action of the attorneys at ALDF, I fear that we would not have been able to act fast enough to prevent the horses' return."

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