Greyhound Racing Is Officially Over in Massachusetts
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December 2009

Thankfully, all legislative attempts to undermine the will of Massachusetts voters have been defeated, and the fight to end dog racing in the Bay State is finally over!

Yesterday, the Springfield Republican applauded our historic campaign with an editorial entitled, “For the greyhounds: Finally, a dog’s life.” This is a well-earned testament to volunteers like you who worked so hard to protect Massachusetts greyhounds. Please read the editorial below, and forward this message far and wide.

We are now working to find homes for all greyhounds who will soon be leaving Raynham Park, the only Massachusetts dog track still in operation following Wonderland’s September shut-down. We have met with Raynham management and will be working cooperatively to ensure that every available greyhound finds a happy home. If you are interested in helping, or want a new Forever Friend, please go to and click on the Greyhound Clearinghouse link on our homepage. We welcome everyone’s involvement.

Congratulations to everyone who helped to make the campaign to end dog racing in Massachusetts a success. You did it!

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