Some Help Animals India 2015 Accomplishments
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Help Animals India
November 2015

rescued Indian animals

What a year 2015 has been - a year of so many firsts at Help Animals India! Once again, we have supported new clinics and new projects. Your donations have saved thousands of lives - from dogs and cats to cows, equines, monkeys, birds, turtles, and elephants.

Each year, Help Animals India is faced with yet another natural disaster. 2015 brought the Nepal earthquake, taking tens of thousands of human and animal lives. Yet, "Compassion Knows No Boundaries," so Help Animals India expanded its reach to India's neighbor. After conducting a detailed analysis of Nepal's animal welfare charities, we are happy to welcome our new Nepali partner: the Bhaktapur Animal Welfare Society, or BAWS.

In addition to BAWS, your post-earthquake donations in Nepal supported Project Humane Nepal, Community Dog Welfare - and a special vegan food program for people (thanks to our support for the Dolpo Tulku Foundation and our long-time partner, Animal Nepal).

rescued Indian animals

It's difficult to imagine the ancient city of Varanasi had no dedicated animal clinic/shelter until NOW. The unique aspect of the new Varanasi for Animals shelter is that dog sterilizations are held in public view. Anyone can watch operations - this educates the community about the importance of animal birth control and motivates compassionate children to dream of veterinary careers.

Other Significant Accomplishments:

  • Thousands of helpless street dogs rescued, sterilized, and vaccinated in Visakhapatnam (VSPCA), Bangalore (CUPA), Sarnath (Sarnath Animal Welfare), Assam (Just Be Friendly), Puttapathi (Karuna Society) and Varanasi.
  • Street dog and cat feeding/protection for the entire city of Visakhapatnam (VSPCA).
  • TWO new cat centers at HOPE & Animal Trust and People for Animals, Dehradoon.
  • A puppy nursery and paralyzed dog center at People for Animals, Dehradoon.
  • Educating tourists and communities about elephant protection in Nepal and saving a temple elephant, Aneesha, from a lifetime of abuse, thanks to the Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre of Bangalore.
  • A scooter for rescues and vital supplies for Rishikesh Animal Care.
  • Humane education in schools and orphanages in Nepal, teaching children to be kind to street dogs.
  • Cow, dog and equine rescue following the Nepal earthquake.
  • Cow spays, so that new calves aren't born in sanctuaries.
  • Feline Medical Training course for vets, a FIRST at Ooty's International Training Center.
  • Plastic Cow Project, surgically removing street plastic trash from cows' stomachs.
  • Modernizing veterinary clinics and improving safety through more advanced equipment.
  • Disaster flooding relief for the animals in the neglected N.E. state of Assam.
  • Rescue relief and spay/neuter for a 100 cat/dog critical hoarding situation in Mumbai.

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