Project Hope Rescues Nearly 100 Dogs From "Rescuer"
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In Defense of Animals (IDA)
March 2010

IDA's sanctuary in Mississippi continues to be an oasis of hope in the deep south. Last week we teamed with the Mississippi Animal Rescue League (MARL) to help almost 100 dogs rescued from a "rescuer."

The woman involved in this case is known in Mississippi for her rescue work. One nearby town pays her a fee to accept their unwanted dogs. In reality, she was not set up to take in and care for large numbers of dogs. Most of the dogs suffer from advanced mange and malnutrition. We expect most of them will test positive for heartworms, and most are unsocial.

The dogs were removed from the property on March 17, 2010. Some of them are recovering at IDA's Project Hope sanctuary, others with MARL. When the dogs heal, IDA will be coordinating adoption efforts.


This is the third recent so-called "sanctuary" or "rescue" to be closed in Mississippi in just the past few weeks. The lesson of the story is to carefully check out any such people or places before relinquishing animals. Sometimes, these places don't merit the term "sanctuary" or "rescue."


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