In Defense of Animals Adds $1,000 To Burro Reward Fund
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In Defense of Animals
March 2009

In Defense of Animals (IDA) announced this week it is adding $1,000 to the reward fund to catch the killers of 11 wild burros found dead in Arizona last Monday. The reward fund has now reached at least $6,000.

The massacre took place near Lake Pleasant. Eleven wild burros were shot dead. The carcasses were found spread over several acres of public land.


Bureau of Land Management rangers say the burros were shot sometime last week and range in age from adult to newborn. A BLM representative said “Some were recently born and some were right in the process. There was no mercy."

Dr. Elliot M. Katz, a veterinarian and the president of In Defense of Animals, said “The killing of docile, innocent beings like these poor burros is the kind of outrageous, cruel indifference to life that led to the creation of the animal protection movement. We hope our contribution will be matched by other organizations and hasten the capture of these dangerous killers.” Dr. Katz also noted the connection between violence to animals and violence to people, warning “these killers are somebody’s boyfriends and husbands, and statistics show they’re probably just warming up on the burros.”


Wild burros are docile and curious, and they are protected animals on federal lands. Their peaceful and trusting nature is what made the wild burros easy targets. If found and convicted, the people who did this face fines and prison time.

Anyone with information is asked to call 1 (800) 637-9152.

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