Justice Without Boundaries / Justicia Sin Barreras
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Justice Without Boundaries / Justicia Sin Barreras
March 2013

United States - Mexico Outreach Tour 2013

About the Tour

The Justicia Sin Barreras/Justice Without Boundaries tour (April 8th – May 7th 2013) is a new collaborative effort uniting activists from the United States and Mexico. The tour’s goal is to share resources and build new relationships (as well as strengthen existing partnerships), thereby empowering grassroots efforts throughout Mexico and the U.S. in the fields of Animal Rights, Environmental Protection and Food Justice.

This tour will stop in 14 major cities throughout Mexico and will conduct more than 40 presentations. Tour participants will reach out and network with leaders, researchers, professors, students and activists to discuss important food-related issues that impact both the U.S. and Mexico. The tour aims to train more than 500 activists to continue these presentations and sustain activism throughout the country.

Tour projects include:

  • Training all participating activists on the presentation and use of our shared instructional materials
  • Presentations on the intersection of factory farming and global warming/climate change, sustainability, health, workers rights and animal rights
  • Vegan cooking demonstrations and exchanges which incorporate regional ingredients and traditional dishes
  • A Vegan cookbook project, leading from research and participation in the preparation of local/regional traditional plant-based recipes, as a collaborative effort of Mexican and U.S. activists
  • Documentation of all aspects of the tour (using HD video, still photography, documentary writing and interview recordings) in order to create useful tools like short instructional pieces, YouTube cooking demos and a feature-length documentary film after the tour concludes

This tour will also fill a gap left by contemporary Animal Rights, Environmental and Food Justice movements in the U.S. by involving activists and the public in other countries. We seek to unite social justice movements that too often do not work together. We want to dispense with the existing policies, agendas and cultural attitudes which discourage the inclusion and leadership of minority groups. For us it is imperative for advocates from all spheres to be a part of justice movement activism and leadership.

It is our sincere hope that this tour begins a galvanizing sustained effort to create meaningful solidarity and collaboration between individuals, groups, movements and nations working for justice. We will continue now and always to develop deeper collaboration between all partners without borders or boundaries.

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