Kyara — Takara’s Daughter and the ‘Last’ Orca to Be Born at SeaWorld — Has Died
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July 24, 2017

SeaWorld executives have dollar signs where their eyes should be, but even they can’t ignore that 3-month-old Kyara died on #BoycottSeaWorldDay while Academy Award nominee James Cromwell was preparing to lead PETA supporters in a takeover of SeaWorld’s orca show. Forty orcas have now died on SeaWorld’s watch—it’s time for the abusement park to move the remaining animals to seaside sanctuaries before the death toll hits 41.

Kyara orca

Kyara has just died at SeaWorld at only 3 months old. The last orca born at SeaWorld is one of 40 who have died on their watch.

Originally posted on July 24, 2017:

Two orcas at SeaWorld are reportedly on the brink of death: Severely ill matriarch Kasatka hasn’t felt the ocean since she was taken away from her family in the wild at just a year old, and now, her 3-month-old granddaughter, Kyara, may be dying—a death that would be sure to traumatize the infant’s mother, Takara. If she succumbs to her illness, Kyara would become the 40th orca to die on SeaWorld’s watch, not one of whom has died at an old age. SeaWorld had the opportunity to allow Takara to give birth in a seaside sanctuary, but it instead chose to make a buck off the birth.

On Saturday, July 22, SeaWorld announced that Kyara was showing possible signs of pneumonia. Although Kyara and Takara are both kept at SeaWorld San Antonio, Kyara is currently being held in the husbandry pool, separated from her mother. While the company claims that its “goal is to return her back to Takara, and to reunite mom and calf with the rest of the pod as soon as possible,” two of her siblings have not seen their mother for years.

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