Les Stewart, DDS - Activist Extraordinaire
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Veda Stram
April 2009

Please study and use Anti-Vivisection: The Pro-Health Solution

Last Chance for Animals (LCA) sent an email yesterday that just broke my heart. It announced the sudden death of Les Stewart.

I was privileged to have known and worked with Les and his wife Suzie when I was brand new to the animal rights movement, in Los Angeles in 1988. They were amazing human beings who committed much of their waking hours and contributed their professional medical backgrounds to exposing the invalidity of vivisection. It was getting to know people like Les and Suzie that validated for me the goodness and integrity of people who work for animal liberation.

When Les was in jail, serving a sentence for having broken down laboratory doors at UCLA, I was privileged to have him call me from his jail cell and dictate an amazing article: Anti-Vivisection: The Pro-Health Solution. It was the first time I was able to use my skill as a speed typist to really make a difference for animals. I was honored in the part I played to make this article available to the world in a 1989 issue of The Animals Voice Magazine.

Please study this article to ground yourself in the fraudulent, wasteful and cruel truths about animal experimentation. Use it to help end these horrors.

Last Chance for Animals' memorial announcement:

Dr. Leslie Stewart was one of the most loyal, hard core animal activist I have ever met. He was well known for (the kick that was heard around the world) kicking in the doors at the vivarium of the UCLA Brain Research Institute earning him the nickname "Lead Foot Les".

In my 30 years of hard core activism I have never seen anyone with such commitment to exposing vivisection and abolishing any type of animal exploitation.

After our trial for the 1988 break in at UCLA, Les and I were sentenced to 90 days and 45 days respectively. Les went on to prove his dedication and commitment further by doing an extensive hunger strike while in the "hole" (the worst part of any prison or jail) for over 30 days.

Chris DeRose and Les Stewart on their way to jail

As a doctor he went on to debate the invalidity of vivisection against other doctors and scientist.

Until the day he died he never stopped fighting for the animals. He is survived by his amazing wife Suzie who is also in the medical field and just as loyal to the animals as Les.

Together Les and I have served four different sentences together in jail for the animals. I got to know him well and I will miss my dear friend very much.

Anyone who knew Les will feel the same way, at the same time he left us with an inspiration to follow.

Chris DeRose,
President, Last Chance for Animals

Thank you, Les! Your commitment to animals has been an inspiration.

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