3rd Graders Want to See Lolita Retired!e
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


From Save Lolita
March 2012

Third Graders from a local school have had enough of the Miami Seaquarium’s mistreatment of Lolita and APHIS’ inability to enforce their own animal welfare laws and have written letters directly to APHIS and Arthur Hertz of the Miami Seaquarium asking him to retire Lolita!

They learned about Lolita’s situation from a long-term substitute teacher and attended a presentation via FaceTime with Shelby Proie talking about Lolita’s family and how a gradual retirement and reintroduction into her home waters would lead to a better quality of life for Lolita.

We here at SaveLolita.com want to give a huge thanks to these third graders (and their teachers) who have taken a stand on this issue and are the kind of leaders we need in the future to make this world a better place for all animals and humans sharing this planet!

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