Neglected Horses Win in Court
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Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF)
September 2009

ALDF v. Keating Updates: Horse Abuser Agrees Not to Own Animals, Rescued Horse Diva Has Her Baby

Because animal abusers so often go on to repeat their crimes, preventing them from having future contact with animals is critical. In our lawsuit against horse abuser Judy Keating, ALDF has finally secured just such a victory - in August, ALDF obtained a consent decree, enforceable by the court, in which Keating agreed not to own or work with any animals in any way for a period of ten years.

And more great news: Rescued horse Diva recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Mimi is as beautiful and sweet as her mother. Both are doing well.


Before her rescue last December, Diva, along with seven other horses, was deprived of even minimal food and care. She was in severe distress and literally starving to death in a North Carolina field. Like her pasture mate Lacy, Diva was pregnant and would have died without intervention.

Judge Reverses Court Order to Return Horses to Abuser

The Animal Legal Defense Fund was back in court on August 11, fighting for the eight horses who were severely neglected by Robert and Rebecca Collier of Marion, Indiana. The hearing was on the court's order that the United States Equine Rescue League (USERL), represented by ALDF, had to return the seized horses to the Colliers.

ALDF filed a brief explaining why the court's order was improper and why USERL should not be compelled to return the horses. In a great victory, the Court reversed its order and dropped all pending proceedings in the criminal case with respect to the custody of the horses.

This is a huge win in the criminal case against the Colliers, and now the pending civil case against them for permanent custody of the horses will proceed in civil court. ALDF will continue to keep you posted as this case progresses.

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