No More Wild-Animal Acts in George Carden Circus International
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Jennifer O'Connor, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
September 2015

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Bill Cunningham—owner of the George Carden Circus International, the largest producer of Shrine circuses in the country—is ending wild-animal acts immediately and has asked PETA to help him to spread the word. To do so, a tractor trailer that was once used to haul big cats around the country has been transformed into a rolling billboard.

Cunningham, a Shriner for his entire adult life, is calling on his fellow Shriners to stop hiring circuses that still force elephants, tigers, lions, or other wild animals to perform confusing and often painful tricks.

“The Shrine circus creates lasting memories for millions of American families each year, so we are proud to be an agent of change by helping the Shrine circus evolve,” he says.

Cunningham produces circus shows in 100 cities every year.

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