Nosey The Elephant Under Attack: Recently Rescued from Alabama Carnival, Abusers Want Her Back
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December 2017

[For background information, read Nosey Arrives Safely at The Elephant Sanctuary]

Nosey elephant

Nosey the Elephant was recently rescued from her abusers in a horrible Alabama roadside zoo, and taken to a sanctuary in Tennessee where for the first time she lives in conditions allowing her relative freedom and comfort. Now her abusers are trying to get her back in order to keep exploiting her for their own greed.

They have started a fundraising campaign to get her back. It has almost all the names and profile links of the 181 (so far) donors.

Thus far, the courts have upheld Nosey’s right to live at the sanctuary, but that could change. Lets see what we can do to stop these tyrants. The GoFundMe site above was created by Cathalina Liebel of Davenport, Florida, evidently one of the carnies who seek to further exploit Nosey.

Cathalina Liebel
Cathalina Liebel

Just FYI.... this is from the GoFundMe page [NOTE: T.E.S. = The Elephant Sanctuary]:

On Nov 8th in small town Alabama, a local animal officer, NOT affiliated with the USDA, Fish and Wildlife, or any other authorized party arrived at our lot in a small town in Alabama with a unsafe, unnaproved aluminum horse trailer, with the small town judges order to take Nosey. Ironically, on the grounds that Nosey's regularly inspected and approved elephant transport trailer, was "unfit".

They came to the lot and planned to attempt to drag her out of her trailer and force her into theirs, No one in that small town facility, has or has had any experience with large exotic animals, or even the proper equipment; not only putting Nosey's life in danger, but their own lives, and most importantly, the GENERAL PUBLIC. Animal control has no jurisdiction and are trying to illegally steal our beloved elephant. When they realized this, they decided to call in reinforcements; by means of a notorious, TB riddled, animal "scamtuary" in Tennesee.

On the 9th we fought for custody in court, and upon seeing that this issue was not simply as cut and dried, or legitimate as they had been led to believe, has scheduled another hearing in several weeks, BUT ordered the elephant ILLEGALLY taken (without proper Tennessee state permits) to T.E.S., an animal activist run facility in Tennessee pending the final custody hearing. This place is no place for a healthy, licensed and regulated elephant, and we must get her free from that place as quickly as possible.

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