Occupy for All Species
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


MickeyZ Vegan
December 2013

Mickey Z occupy all species
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What if I told you that I knew a way you could oppose unspeakable animal cruelty, stand up for exploited human workers, help address a human health holocaust, work to reduce the profits and control of the 1%, surrender the hierarchical privilege of speciesism, and play a role in defending the eco-system before it’s too late?

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What if I added that this choice also addresses deforestation, topsoil depletion, the rape culture, overfishing, water pollution, rapid species extinction, the proliferation of GMOs in our food supply, human starvation, and so much more?

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What if I then informed you that you could do all this 24 hours a day and still have plenty of time for many other forms of protest and dissent?

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As an activist—a revolutionary, even—I’d imagine you’d be practically drooling. Right?

Okay, feel free to answer now…

Unfortunately, for way too many activists, the only thing they drool for is… (wait for it) bacon. You know who they are. They think pizza is dreamy, vegans are annoying, and they diligently delude themselves with tall tales of being “too busy helping humans” to care about animals.

In other words, in their eyes: Another world is possible… except at mealtime.

Mic Check: Speciesism is a privilege. To surrender that privilege (or any privilege) is a revolutionary act. It’s time to evolve.

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