Ohio hospital has agreed to stop using live dogs
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


PCRM Physicians Committee
August 2017

South Pointe Hospital in Ohio has agreed to stop using live dogs to train its emergency medicine residents! This is an enormous win for PCRM and for innocent dogs.

This training program had been on PCRM’s list for a while now—South Pointe refused to end the dog lab even after our team provided extensive evidence supporting ethically and educationally superior nonanimal training methods. So, last week, we launched a public billboard campaign across northeastern Ohio—and within 24 hours, the white flag went up and we received the good news that the animal lab has been SHUT DOWN!

Please take a moment to smile and feel good about the role you played in saving the lives of countless dogs. And then please recommit to PCRM’s work with a generous donation.

We’ve got to do more—because so many animals are still suffering. Let’s use this victory to energize us to work harder to promote cruelty-free research and training, and to advocate for preventive medicine.

The South Pointe Hospital campaign is a win for animals and for people, but it is just one victory in a much larger battle. The only way we’re going to keep moving forward with big changes is with your financial support and continued activism.

Starting today, our focus shifts to animal training labs at:

  • University of Missouri Columbia School of Medicine
  • University of Washington
  • Baystate Medical Center

PCRM has a proven track record and a winning strategy—and with your support I know we can save more lives.

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