One Dog Policy in China
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July 2009

The government in this southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is implementing a one-dog policy starting on July 1. Because this new regulation won't be grandfathered in families with two or more dogs will have to choose between their furry friends on who gets to stay, and who gets to go.

There has been a lot of outcry over the policy, and with good cause. Anyone with a pet understands that they aren't just animals to be thrown by the wayside. They truly become family members, and trying to imagine making a choice between two family members is unthinkable.

Beyond the emotional pain that this regulation will cause to both the families and the dogs left behind, there is also a big question of what will happen to the dogs that are forced out of their homes. Will other homes be found for them? Will they just become strays?

Either way, it is a sad story for both human and animal. Why they are making such a policy when the animals are obviously being cared for and are in homes is very unclear. Let's hope that the government will change it's mind due to the public outcry.

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