Politically Incorrect: Oppressed? Want help? Stop oppressing animals
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


Armory of the Revolution
October 2018

Solidarity with most of the left has done nothing for the animals at all.

Over the years, I have been a loud and incessant voice for animal activists to act in solidarity with those on the political left. To support each and every struggle by those fighting racism, discrimination, misogyny, xenophobia, any kind of oppression.

I thought the strategy both sound and promising.

Women, feminists, blacks, Hispanics, occupiers, social justice advocates, LGBTs, would stand together in support of each other and the animals.

I could not have been more wrong.

Solidarity with most of the left has done nothing for the animals at all.

No new voices raised for them.

No broad coalition for universal rights.

No acknowledgement that almost everyone on the left is as ambivalent about animals and their protection as is society in general.

No move to reduce the oppression of animals committed by our so called comrades.

Instead we have our feminists friends supporting the rape of cows and sows. Our black brothers and sisters are dismissive of comparisons between animal agriculture and slavery. Our Jewish allies silent on the Animal Holocaust. Progressives and Marxists are reluctant to offend potential supporters with concerns about mere animals. 

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