Origin Of Cancer Killing Off Tasmanian Devils Discovered
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January 2010


Researchers have managed to figure out the origin of a cancer that has been killing off the Tasmanian devil population.

Researchers from the Australian National University have managed to figure out where the deadly cancer begins.

They have done so by looking into the genetic make-up of the cancer to see why it begins, why it spreads, etc.

This is a horrible form of cancer that has managed to kill off over 60% of the Tasmanian devil population in the world.

What it does to these animals is causes disfiguration of the face to the point where they are no longer able to eat.

The expectation is that this cancer will end up causing the animal to become extinct in the next half-century.

The cancer is said to originate in the form of a tumor cell.

The hope is that now that they know the origin, they will be able to detect it earlier on to help the animals survive.

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