Owner Says Family Pet Killed by Bow Hunter
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December 2009

Days later Dale says he found Sigmann about 200 feet from the house, still on his property and shot with a hunter's arrow.

Dale Blamer says when he blows his duck call his two dogs, a chocolate lab named Tanner and a Hungarian Visla named Sigmann, always would come running.

On Wednesday when he returned home and could not fund Sigmann inside, he went outdoors onto his five acres of wooded property near Mansfield blowing the duck call and searching.

"I started walking the woods about 6:30 p.m. and I didn't quit until about 11:30 p.m. that night," said Blamer, "because there's a lot of woods you can walk and stuff."

Early the next morning his search resumed. Several neighbors also helped keep an eye out for the 40 pound pet, but there was no sign of him.

Days later Dale says he found Sigmann about 200 feet from the house, still on his property and shot with a hunter's arrow.

The arrow entered through the dogs side. Dale says there was an enormous exit wound on the dog's other side leading him to believe Sigmann was not only killed instantly, but from very close range.

"I know what it was." says Blamers, "He seen the guy back here and probably thought it was me and Tanner back here and come running down the path right here that we walk on every day".

Dale believes whoever shot Sigmann was trying to hunt deer on his property, and got upset believing the dog would chase deer from the area.

After killing Sigmann the hunter took the arrow with them.

Dale's fiance, Toni Barger, says since Sigmann was killed their other dog, Tanner, will not eat and doesn't respond to them like in the past.

They say a veterinarian has told them there is nothing wrong with Tanner, he most likely misses his companion.

"He was just an amazing dog, you could show him something you wanted him to do one time and he had it." Barger says of Sigmann.

After asking for help identifying the hunter who killed him, Barger says she has taken numerous calls from people offering their condolences.

"They cried on the phone with me and told me stories and it was just wonderful that people care as much as they do."

Dale says he is a hunter, and although he doesn't bow hunt, he has always had respect for bow hunters. This experience has changed that somewhat.

Toni and Dale are offering a cash reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible, even though authories believe that may be difficult to prove.

Anyone with information is asked to Call Toni Barger at (419) 512-5507.

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