Owner Comes Home To Find Dog Shot To Death
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December 2006

[Ed. Note: We don't like the use of the term "owner" to describe the relationship of a human to a companion animal any more than we would use the term "owner" to describe a parent's relationship to a child; we are to be loving caregivers as the article describes: "they were best friends." The term "owner" is demeaning!]

A beagle was shot to death in his yard and his owners are devastated.

Buddy the beagle was shot in the head on a warm, sunny day.

"The bullet went, cracked his skull, and where he laid down and finally died, the blood kicked up and came out of his mouth," said Larry Harris, who came home Friday afternoon to find his 5-year-old dog dead from a gunshot wound.

Harris said Buddy was still warm, so he must have suffered for a while. A neighborhood dog, Louie the basset hound, was near Buddy when Harris' wife found him shot.

"He was in the yard sitting next to him howling. She thought they were just playing, so she walked up to him because he wouldn't get up, and that's what happened," Harris said.

He said his son is Buddy's best friend.

"He doesn't want to stay in the house sometimes. He cries because Buddy stayed with him through everything for all these years," Harris said. "We lost a friend and we lost a family dog."

No one in the neighborhood has come forward with information on who shot Buddy.

The Leavenworth County sheriff is searching for the culprit. The person could face felony criminal charges.

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