Nebraska Politicians Paving Way to Return Horse Slaughter to U.S. Soil
An Animal Rights Article from


Int'l Fund for Horses
January 2011

[Ed. Note: Also read Summit of the Horse Nothing More than a Horse Slaughter Convention.]

Following the Summit of the Horse, here are the first fruits we have seen emerge from the pro slaughter convention is Las Vegas.

  • A Nebraska state bill introduced to return horse slaughter to U.S. soil.
  • A companion bill making it a crime for a horse rescue organization to turn away horses.

Both of these bills are horrific. The slaughter bill, Nebraska State Bill LB 305, if successful, would condemn horses without homes, through no fault of their own, to a grisly and terrifying death in a slaughterhouse. Nebraska State Bill LB 306, if successful, would subject any horse shelter or sanctuary refusing to take in a homeless horse to criminal prosecution.

Both bills were introduced by Nebraska State Sen. Tyson Larson who spoke at the Summit of the Horse conference in Las Vegas where participants tried to develop a strategy for reopening plants at the federal level.

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