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Responsible Policies for Animals, Inc. (RPA)
December 2018

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I hope you are well and enjoying a rewarding holiday season. I am attaching the fall 2018 issue of Persons, the Newsletter of Responsible Policies for Animals, the promised expanded edition of the newsletter.
With animal abuse and human misery continuing to increase steadily despite decades of organized effort by intelligent and dedicated people, the need of a fundamentally new strategy is more than clear.  
RPA's strategy takes into account the reasons standard animal, environmental, public-health, and diet-change advocacy are failing, demanding that our institutions stop teaching false and harmful beliefs from conventional wisdom and start enlightening the public regarding human beings, nonhuman animals, and the living world.  
I hope that you will value what we are doing and will wish to support the endeavor. RPA's website,, has been heavily revised, with much new material for when you have a moment to explore.
Thank you for all you do, and all best wishes to you.

David Cantor
Executive Director
Responsible Policies for Animals

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